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Take a look inside the book:

The Big Book of you is the perfect gift for everyone who’s important to you – especially you!  Author, healer, speaker, and entrepreneur Jennifer McLean has created a one of a kind motivational, poetic and spiritual coffee table book.   With the aid of gorgeous full-color photographs, The Big Book of You offers practical solutions for living a life of freedom, flow and full expression.,jpg.jpg

“Every so often a book comes out that has the capacity to change people's ideas about life; The Big Book of YOU is one of those books. Experience this book, take it in and open yourself to new possibilities.”

-- Dr. Joe Vitale, author of bestselling books The Key, Zero Limits, The Attractor Factor and more than 30 other books, and featured teacher in the hit movie and book The Secret

AND a special Teleseminar Series available for sale...further information provided after you purchase the book.

The Big Book of YOU is an AMAZING book, which was so popular the first time around it sold out completely! Offering you a wonderful set of easy to read guiding principles, compelling philosophies, and sound bites of meaningful quotes that have guided thousands to view their lives in wonderful new ways. It has opened up doors for many to see, sense and experience their lives as “juicy adventures of thriving”, instead of “challenging lessons of surviving.”,jpg.jpg

"The Big Book of YOU helps you to navigate your surroundings and gain a deeper understanding and sense of responsibility, inevitably leading to a better life. I loved it. Pick this one up, and change."

-- Gary Renard, Best Selling Author of The Disappearance of The Universe and Your Immortal Reality

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Here are just a few examples of my amazing gift package:

Jennifer McLean

Jennifer’s renowned and popular Soul Song of 2010 (value $157) that includes an amazing body dialoging session helping you to align with the themes and energies of 2010, then use the 2010 Soul Song sound vibrations to knit those energies in place. This allows you to visualize and inculcate your vision through the body dialog session, then ground it in with the soul melody for the year. AND you will also receive a special Healing Body Dialoging audio offering techniques for clearing old, unwanted beliefs and thoughts that get stuck in the body as emotional blockages, limiting expression and human potential.

Arielle Ford

Arielle Ford, author of The Soulmate Secret, offers an in-depth quiz for those who want to prepare, on every level, to manifest the love of their life.

Marci Shimoff

Happiness, Abundance, and Millions: Beginning Now

Marci Shimoff, author of the best-selling book, Happy for No Reason, 7 Steps to Happiness from the Inside Out, partners with David and Kristin Morelli in their highly acclaimed program Happiness, Abundance, and Millions. This session includes cutting-edge accelerated learning techniques to align your beliefs and actions for prosperity, inner peace and well-being.

Peggy McColl

The 21 Distinctions of Wealth Checklist, Positive Change Video & Powerful Wealth-Attraction Audio download
Free PDF download, Video & Audio

Dr. Pat Baccili

The Dr. Pat Show - Talk Radio to Thrive By!™ Dr. Pat and friends team up to provide you with a plethora of gifts designed to help you live life full-out. Powerful life-changing gifts such as free reports and articles, MP3 downloads, and more!

The Big Book of You compares and explores the light and the dark of who we are. If we are all one then we are all that we see before us both ‘good’ and ‘bad’.  Because, as Arlo Guthrie said, “You can’t have a light without a dark to stick it in.”  Acknowledge the dark while celebrating the light today!,jpg.jpg

"The most important spiritual lesson is getting that we are truly all one, there is no separation between me and anyone else. Jennifer's little movie contains moving excerpts from her book, The Big Book of YOU, that are perfectly aligned with this message. I loved it. I can't wait to see the whole book when it is published later this year."

--Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and
featured teacher in "The Secret"

Through Jennifer's life's journey, asking questions of her many experience and the emotions they wrought, she explored her inner spiritual world and how it works with her outer world. It became clearer that seeming opposites are all contained within the One. The book was born out of that perception and through word and image it juxtaposes all of life.